Private Apps


Turn family and friend's photos into personal apps, with their permission, of course. Create educational or organizational apps for the kids, or just make a fun app for your friends.



Sign up today and start creating memories, and laughs, that can last for years to come!



Want to keep your app private? No problem! You don't need to publish your app to the App Store or GooglePlay to enjoy endless hours of fun.  Just download our app viewer and host your game on your personal cell phone for personal use only. (You will see the app view download page toward the end of the app creation process.)



(Shhhhh.  While you can only publish the number of apps your subscription allows, you can actually create multiple family and friend apps to use thru our app viewer for NO additional charge. Feel free to update them as often as you like. You can even share your account login with friends and family members so they can download the app viewer and enjoy the same apps. If you desire to upgrade your subscription, please contact us thru the Contact Us tab on the top menu bar, found on every page.)